The Bootstrap Montana Mission

The Bootstrap Montana Loan Program creates jobs in rural Montana by providing Montana entrepreneurs with 0% loans for projects which will provide fast return on investment. Funds are targeted for projects that have a direct effect on increasing sales. The program increases the level of employment in the state, brings new sales revenue into the state and increases the competitiveness of Montana companies.

Why Bootstrapping Makes Sense in Montana

Bootstrapping a business serves many purposes. Companies built using this methodology prove the value of their products and services more quickly, run leaner and ensure that the company gets the most from every dollar of revenue generated. But perhaps most importantly, bootstrapping allows an entrepreneur to maintain control of his or her business.

Bootstrapping develops a stronger, more efficient business and reduces the likelihood of creating boom or bust businesses. Rural Montanan communities require local businesses to be stable providers of employment to be able to attract and retain the population that builds strong communities.

Bootstrap Montana Background

The Bootstrap Montana Loan Program was seeded by Greg Gianforte, CEO of Bozeman-based Right Now Technologies and head of the Gianforte Family Charitable Trust. Established in 2007, the program is seeking to loan funds to Montana entrepreneurs who embrace the business development philosophy of 'bootstrapping'—or growing a company without the aid of outside (equity) investment capital.

Click here to watch Greg Gianforte's presentation to entrepreneur students on "Bootstrapping Your Business".